Beautiful wedding beaches on Oahu's East Shore - marry with your toes in the sand. Have your destination wedding in Hawaii!

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Makapu'u Beach

This is a beautiful beach with fantastic views over the bay and the Manana island in the background. The photo opportunities are near endless! A film classic 'From Here to Eternity' 1953 was also filmed at this beach and you have a lot of choices available for your ceremony and of course the photos, with sandy beach, rocky patches and greenery providing lovely contrasts (all our photographers love this beach). The drive to this beach is 34 minutes from Honolulu.

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Waimanalo Bay Beach

Waimanalo Beach is a nature beach with Ironwood trees and really nice wedding location, if you follow my recommendation and use the beach access across from the Polo Club. This access is the loveliest and good for parking (especially if you have a limousine). The beach access from this point is only a little way though a lovely greenery area and if you are on this stretch of the very long Waimanalo Beach, you are more likely to be private and find the beach more pristine. (Because this beach is so long, people do spread out and it is always possible to find a quieter spot for a lovely ceremony.) 
This beach is about 40 mins to drive from Honolulu.

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Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach "Heavenly Sea" is located near the town of Kailua and is a popular beach that often ranks among the best beaches in the world, with half a mile of white powdery sand and calm blue waters. Here you have some palm trees and the colorful canoes in the background and views of the twin islands Moku Nui and Moku Iki. If you plan on stying in Kailua, there are a number of small guest houses and bed & breakfasts in town. From Honolulu you can take the Pali Hwy (61) and drive 30 minutes to get to Lanikai.

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Kahana Bay Beach

Kahana Bay Beach is a beautiful wedding beach on Oahu's East Shore with white sand, turquoise water, and green hills surrounding it. This beach is located a 50 minute drive from Honolulu and less busy than Waikiki and many other beaches on Oahu.

These are the best wedding beaches on Oahu's South Shore near Honolulu - let the golden hour color your ceremony beautiful.

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Waialae Beach Park

Waialae Beach Park is located 20 minutes from Honolulu on Oahu's South Shore. It offers a variety of photo opportunities with the palm trees as background on the beach and the beach park offering bridges and park benches as well as old trees as additional motifs. 

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Waikiki Beach

If your party is staying at one of the hotels in Honolulu/Waikiki, we can of course arrange a Hawaiian beach ceremony for you on the Waikiki beaches in front of your hotel. 

The advantage: You would be close to your resort and could have dinner, drinks or a party at your hotel afterwards without having to drive anywhere. On the other hand, the Waikiki beaches are all relatively busy and if you are hoping to be a bit more private and secluded for the ceremony we would recommend planning your wedding at another beach.

Elope to Hawaii and marry on Oahu's North Shore! The most beautiful weddings on Oahu happen under a canopy of sunshine with the ocean as the altar.

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Kawela Bay Beach

Kawela Bay Bay is a typical Hawaiian bay with coconut palm trees and a beautiful forest area as you walk to the beach. There are some ancient trees under which you can take amazing pictures with the sun filtering through the leaves. Kawela Bay Beach is less developed than many other beaches and is usually quiet during the week, while popular with locals on the weekends. Choosing this beach makes perfect sense if you are staying at Turtle Bay Resort, however it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive here from Honolulu.

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Turtle Bay Resort Beach

Turtle Bay Beach is the hotel beach of Turtle Bay Resort, located in the far North of Oahu. As its name suggests, you might actually see turtles here, and this beach is of course very conveniently located if you are staying at the hotel. The alternative beach choice would be Kawela Bay Beach, which is located only 15 minutes from Turtle Bay Resort (and about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Honolulu). Kawela Bay would mean a drive from Turtle Bay Resort and a bit of a walk through the forest, but it often has better sunsets than Kawela Bay.

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