You will look stunning with our tropical Hawaiian bridal bouquets, made with flowers from Hawaii's flower farms!

Make your Oahu beach wedding unforgettable with our artisan crafted bridal bouquets. The stunning colors are a traditional element of a Hawaii wedding! If you already have a special bouquet in mind, we can also make the custom piece you dream of.

If you have reserved a Chic Beach Wedding Package, you can choose any of our simple bridal bouquets, or upgrade to classic or deluxe design.

Simple bridal bouquet selection
Purple orchid and rose bouquet
Bouquet 1 - Pink & White

Pink rose, purple orchids and white anthurium with baby's breath

Cymbidium orchid and white rose bouquet
Bouquet 4 - Green & White

Green cymbidium orchids, white roses and green hydrangeas with tuberose

Exotic tropical bridal bouquet with pincushion
Bouquet 7 - Exotic Tropical Mix

Song of India, mixed orchids and pink ginger

Red rose bouquet
Bouquet 2 - Red Roses

Also available in bright red, white, pink, cream, or lavender

Stargazer lily bouquet
Bouquet 5 - Stargazer Lilies

Bouquet of pink and white stargazer lilies

White cymbidium and orange mokara orchid bridal bouquet
Bouquet 8 - Cymbidiums & Mokara

White cymbidiums with pink centers and orange mokara with green leaves

Bouquet 3 - Green & Orange

Green cymbidium orchids, hot pink plumeria & orange mokara (seasonal May - September)

Plumeria and yellow orchid bridal bouquet
Bouquet 6 - Yellows & Whites

White cymbidium orchids, yellow plumeria & orange mokara (seasonal May - September)

pink and cream rose bridal bouquet
Bouquet 9 - Cream & Pink Roses

Medley of pink and cream roses

Cream rose and white cymbidium orchid bouquet
Bouquet 10 - Cymbidium & Rose

White cymbidiums, cream roses and tuberose with green leaves

Bridal bouquet of purple and white orchids, yellow cymbidiums and red anthuriums
Bouquet 13 - Tropical Multicolor

Red anthuriums, purple and white orchids with yellow cymbidiums

Purple orchid, red ginger and orange mokara orchid bridal bouquet
Bouquet 11 - Sunset Colors

Red ginger, pink cymbidiums, purple orchids and orange mokaras with a ti-leaf wrap

Bridal bouquet of purple orchids, white cymbidiums and baby's breath
Bouquet 14 - Purple and White

Purple orchids and white cymbidiums with baby's breath and green leaves

Bouquet of mixed tropical orchids and anthuriums
Bouquet 12 - Purple and Yellow

Yellow, green and white cymbidiums, purple orchids, white orchids with white anthuriums

Yellow cymbidium and pink rose bouquet
Bouquet 15 - Yellow & Pink

Hot pink roses, yellow cymbidiums, and purple orchids with green leaves


In this selection the bridal bouquets are larger and there are even more colors and styles to choose from. If you have a package that includes a classic bouquet, or if you did not find something you love in the simple selection, take a look below. (Upgrade from simple - $45)

Classic bridal bouquets
Green cymbidium bouquet with pink and white roses
Bouquet 16 - Greens & Roses

Green cymbidiums, white and pink roses with green leaves

Orange rose, orange lilies and pink plumeria bouquet
Bouquet 17 - Orange Sunset

Orange lilies, orange roses and pink plumeria (seasonal May - October)

Pink phalaenopsis bridal bouquet
Bouquet 18 - Pink Phalaenopsis

Cascade of pink phalaenopsis orchids

South African cream rose bridal bouquet
Bouquet 19 - African Cream Roses

Bouquet of giant South African cream roses

Stargazer lilies and anthuriums with song of India bouquet

Stargazer lilies with green/white anthuriums and orange bird of paradise

Green cymbidium bridal bouquet
Bouquet 21 - Green & Purple

Green cymbidiums with purple orchids and green leaves

Orange rose and yellow cymbidium orchid bouquet
Bouquet 22 - Yellow & Orange

Shining yellow cymbidiums with orange roses for a stunning color effect

Purple orchid, cream rose and green cymbidium bouquet
Bouquet 25 - Roses & Orchids

Pearl roses with green cymbidiums and purple orchids

Yellow cymbidium and white rose bridal bouquet
Bouquet 28 - Yellow & Cream

Beautiful yellow cymbidium orchids mixed with cream roses for stunning effect

cream roses and pink cymbidium bouquet
Bouquet 31 - Roses, Calla & Orchids

White and cream roses with white cymbidiums and white calla lilies

Pink and white rose with tuberose and purple orchids
Bouquet 34 - Pink, Purple & White

Light pink and white roses with purple orchids and fragrant tuberose

Pink rose with white cymbidium orchid bridal bouquet
Bouquet 23 - Rose & Pink

Soft pink roses interspersed with white cymbidiums and 

White rose, white cymbidium and tuberose bouquet

Cream roses and white cymbidiums mixed with fragrant tuberose

Red mokara, purple orchids and white rose bouquet
Bouquet 29 - Red Orchids

Red mokaras, red ginger and purple orchids with white roses and tropical greens

Blue iris and cream rose bridal  bouquet
Bouquet 32 - Blue Iris & Roses

Cream roses mixed with stunning blue iris 

Song of India, red ginger and mixed orchid bouquet
Bouquet 35 - Artist's Choice

Red ginger, song of India with a mix of cymbidium and white & purple orchids

Colorful tropical bridal bouquet
Bouquet 24 - Tropical Rainbow

Orchids and plumeria in pink, peach, green, yellow and purple

Red pincushion and orchids, ti-leaf wrap bouquet
Bouquet 27 - Red Pincushion

Red pincushion protea with red anthuriums and purple orchids in a ti-leaf wrap

Cream rose and blue hydrangea bridal bouquet
Bouquet 30 - Hydrangea Surf

Large South African cream roses with a crown of blue Hydrangeas

Green cymbidium orchid, cream rose and green hydrangea bouquet
Bouquet 33 - Green Delight

Green cymbidiums, cream roses, green hydrangeas and fragrant tuberose

Red rose and orange calla lily bridal bouquet
Bouquet 36 - Red Rose & Calla

Red roses and orange calla lilies combined to create sunset colors


Large bouquets and cascading styles, as well as the most expensive blossoms are found in our deluxe bouquets. If you have a package that includes a deluxe bouquet, feel free to pick from this category or any other on this page.

(Upgrade from simple - $75)    (Upgrade from classic - $45)

Deluxe bridal bouquets
Pink ginger and plumeria bouquet
Bouquet 37 - Pink Delight

Pink ginger with plumeria in white and pink surrounding it  (seasonal May - September)

Red anthuriums, pincushion protea and purple orchid bouquet
Bouquet 38 - Red Cascade

Red anthuriums and pincushion protea with a cascade of purple orchids

Rainbow plumeria bouquet
Bouquet 39 - Rainbow Plumeria

A beautiful ball of rainbow plumeria in stunning colors (seasonal May - September)

Substantial orange rose and purple mokara bouquet with tuberose
Bouquet 40 - Oahu Sunset

Orange roses and fragrant tuberose sprinkled with purple mokara orchids

Large cascading orchid bouquet with roses
Bouquet 41 - Orchid Waterfall

Amazing cascading bouquet of phalaenopsis, white and purple orchid sprigs with pink roses

Red ginger, white orchids and cream roses in a ti leaf wrap
Bouquet 42 - Ginger Fire

Red ginger and white orchid sprigs towering over cream roses wrapped in ti-leaf

Green cymbidiums and cream roses with tuberose bouquet
Bouquet 43 - Soft Greens

Green cymbidiums with white and cream roses and white orchids

Pincushion protea bouquet
Bouquet 44 - Purple Cascade

Pincushion protea with orange bird of paradise and cascading purple orchids

White, red and orange cascading bouquet
Bouquet 45 - Orange Cascade

Red and white anthuriums with orange roses and cascading white orchid sprigs

Pincushion protea bouquet with green and purple orchids
Bouquet 46 - Bird of Paradise

Pincushion protea with bird of paradise and purple & green cascading orchids

Cascading bouquet of green orchids and pink roses
Bouquet 47 - Green Orchid Wonder

Pink roses nestled among cascading green orchids and fern

Orange lilies, roses and plumeria with a ti-leaf wrap
Bouquet 48 - Orange Ti-leaf Crown

Substantial bouquet of orange lilies, orange roses and hot pink plumeria in a ti-leaf wrap

Red mokara, white rose and purple orchid bouquet
Bouquet 49 - Red, Purple & Green

Cascading bouquet of red ginger and mokaras with white roses and green & purple orchids

Bridal bouquet of hot pink roses, yellow plumeria and purple orchids
Bouquet 50 - Pink & Yellow

Bouquet of yellow plumeria, pink roses and purple orchids (seasonal May - September)

Red anthuriums, cream roses and white cascading orchid bouquet
Bouquet 51 - Red/White Cascade

Red anthuriums and white cymbidium, purple orchids and cascading white orchids

White orchid cascading bridal bouquet
Bouquet 52 - White Fern Cascade

White cymbidiums with ferns and cascading white orchid sprigs

Dianthus, white orchid and cream rose bouquet
Bouquet 53 - Dianthus & Orchids

Cream roses, dianthus and green cymbidiums with white orchids

Plumeria bouquet
Bouquet 54 - Plumeria Medley

A beautiful mix of rainbow plumeria, yellow & pink plumeria (seasonal May - September)

Green cymbidium cascading bridal bouquet
Bouquet 55 - Green/White Cascade

Green cymbidiums with white cymbidiums and cascading white orchids

Orange mokara and mixed orchids, bridal bouquet
Bouquet 56 - Mokara Cascade

Yellow and white cymbidiums with red anthurium and cascading orange mokaras

White lilies, white roses and tuberose bouquet
Bouquet 57 - Lily White

Substantial bouquet of white lilies with white roses and frangrant tuberose

Multicolor plumeria bouquet with orchids
Bouquet 58 - Tropical Pink & Peach

Tropical orchid and plumeria mix in the colors of the rainbow (seasonal May - September)

Pink roses and pink cymbidiums bridal bouquet
Bouquet 59 - Cymbidium Dream

Substantial bouquet of pink cymbidiums, light pink roses and hot pink roses

Cascading tropical bridal bouquet with yellow plumeria and Stargazer
Bouquet 60 - Colorful Cascade

Cascading bouquet of stargazer lilies, orange roses, yellow plumeria and purple orchids