Your wedding will be perfect and lovely beyond words, so your pictures should be too. Our photographers really know how to capture the moment and give you the wonderful candid shots of your ceremony only someone with a trained eye can capture for you. They understand the location, the lighting, the scenery, and know how to get the "it" shot, because we cover a great number of perspectives including wide angles and those amazing close-ups that let you shine. Your wedding is a flash in time. We make absolutely sure you have every moment covered.

Boutique wedding photography - perfect photos,
of your perfect day.  

Wedding photo delivery


You will receive a beautiful Pixieset online gallery for your images, just like this one... download all photos and save them to your computer, share them on social media and print them at any lab of your choice, anywhere in the world! (There are no copyright restrictions whatsoever.) It's as easy as can be.


Our state of the art photography services

  1. All digital, high resolution images. This means there is no limit to how large your printed photographs can be.

  2. We use the newest available Professional Grade photography equipment.

  3. All images are retouched and color corrected. No matter the lighting conditions, your photos will reflect a bright, beautiful day.

  4. You'll get 75, 125, or 175 images rather than the standard 25 - 50 photos most other companies offer.

  5. You receive joint copyright to all images. Do with your photos whatever you like! You will not be bound to work with an expensive photography studio, you can print your photographs at a lab of your choice.  

  6. All photographs will be uploaded to your personal wedding gallery and will be available for download for 90 days. This means your friends and family can view your wedding photos online, download them and also purchase prints directly from the gallery (if you give them access).